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Close Stock Company «Resistor-NN» is situated in Nizhny Novgorod city, which is 400 km east from Moscow.

The enterprise is a plant producing fixed resistors.

The enterprise was set up in 1950 and was called Nizhegorodsky plant «Orbita». The plant «Orbita» was the largest company of electronic industry producing resistors in the Soviet Union. The plant manufactured well-known resistors of the series , 2-, C2-29B. The equipment for their manufacture was also designed and produced here.

According to the existing traditions the plant continues resistors production based on the thin-film technology. Among its products there arc resistors of general use C2-33H, precision and super precision resistors C2-29B, high-ohm, high-voltage, high-frequency resistors and chip-resistors.

In 2002 the company started producing resistors C2-33H  and C2-29B  with international dimensions. The plant manufactures these resistors using modern Japanese equipment and they meet Russian and international requirements of parameters and quality.

Taking into account increasing demands for items for surface mounting the plant enlarges productive capacities for chip-resistors production.

The items mainly produced are thin-film chip-resistors of the series P1-8M (Pl-16).

The technical center of the plant constantly works at improving production technologies, designs and introduces new types of production.

The company has the shop of electroplating and can execute large orders. The main operation of the process is coverage of the copper wire by tin-lead welding alloy on the Japanese equipment «Hitachi», as well as coverage of me copper wire by nickel.

CSC «Resistor-NN» works in the market of Russia and CIS, has an access to the markets of Western and Eastern Europe. In order to develop the manufacture and introduce useful experience our enterprise cooperates with companies from Taiwan and Singapore.

The direction of the company is ready for the constructive cooperation in the field of introduction of new types of production and will consider any suggestions concerning creation of new manufactures.
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